Longing for Spring {Outfit Post}


Image{The Outfit}

Blouse: given to me by a friend

Skirt: thrifted

Leggings: Walmart

TOMS shoes: b-day gift from my sister, Abby (from Whole Foods)

Hair: done by me



Celebrity Look-Alikes

Cliff Robertson (as seen in My Six Loves)


Dugald Bruce-Lockhart (as seen in Foyle’s War)
Anna Friel (as seen in Our Mutual Friend)


Emily Blunt (as seen in Foyle’s War, and The Young Victoria)
Emilia Clarke


Jessica Brown Findlay (as seen in Downton Abbey)
Ioan Gruffudd (as seen in Amazing Grace)


Skeet Ulrich (as seen in The Magic of Ordinary Days)

1950s School Girl {Outfit Post}





{The Outfit}

Blouse: thrifted (I think) and then altered by me

Skirt: upcycled from a jumper (by me)

Shoes: Kohls (?)

Belt: Ross (taken off a coat I got there)

Hair: done by me using this tutorial

Thank you to my younger brother (Jaden) for taking these photos! — Y’all, he actually begged to let him take them!! 😀 I think he’s got a bit of photographer in his blood. 😉

Special Promo Offer from eShakti…

…For you, my dear readers. 🙂

Just go to their website, pick out what you like, and enter JRKAUTT81 into the ‘Promotional Code’ box. This code will give you 20 % off your purchase, and can be used any number of times until the validity period expires.

Other applicable conditions:

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eShakti Dress Review

Back in July of last year, I won a dress from eShakti. I have loved wearing it and I even wore it to a friend’s wedding! About a week ago, eShakti contacted me and asked me to do a product review from their Spring Line of clothing. I was shocked but pleased and I said that I would be delighted to do so. 🙂 I was also super excited to look through their dresses to find the perfect dress. I found that they have awesome and helpful customization options for $7.50 (added on to the pre-existing cost of the clothing item). eShakti also offers sizes 0-36W, and the option to remove or include embroidery, embellishments, and or pockets on their apparel. eShakti has recently come out with a line of bridesmaid dresses as well.

Over all, I was greatly pleased with their customer service– they were very helpful and answered any questions I had. I was also pleasantly surprised at how quickly they shipped the dress (4 days after my placing the order) and how quickly it arrived here (in a matter of 2 days).

I thought I’d make this outfit even more fun by making it 1940s/1950s style. I added my pearl necklace and bracelet (from my bestfriend), wore my “wedge” sandals, put my hair up in a retro hair style, and (being even more authentic) put beet juice on my lips to tint them. You know, back in WWII, ladies (because of rationing) couldn’t really buy much make-up, so they used beets for lip tint. It works!




Not the greatest photo, but it’ll have to do. Perhaps I’ll do a video or picture tutorial on how I did it. We’ll see. 😉
I just love the ruching on the back of the bodice! It gives a slimming look to the waistline, and it looks so feminine too. 🙂

I must admit, I had a hard time choosing my dress. After all, there were so many delightfully lovely and modest dresses to choose from! I had several favorites, but I ended up choosing the Lauren Dress.  I honestly couldn’t ask for a better fitting dress then the one they sent me. It’s so comfy!! 🙂 I also chose the custom options of cap sleeves and a mid calf length skirt on it. The dress is in one of my favorite colors, and it will be perfect for spring especially! 🙂

eShakti is offering free customization until February 28th. And if you have never purchased from them before, register and they will give you $25 off your first purchase! Hurry on over and purchase a dress for yourself! You won’t be disappointed! =)


All photo courtesy of my sister Abby

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review.


I ♥ Thursday {no. 1}

Pinned Image
Source: http://www.drmnpnk.tumblr.com via Jo Kautt on Pinterest

I am loving the look of lace with leather boots. 🙂

Beige knitted ankle socks, brown simple shoes
Source: http://www.chictopia.com via Jo Kautt on Pinterest

I really like these Oxford flats. Perhaps one day I’ll have saved up enough money to buy myself a pair. 😉

Source: http://www.instyle.co.uk via Jo Kautt on Pinterest

This hairstyle is just adorable! I think it may even work on my hair– I recently cut my bangs similarly to this lady’s. 🙂

Pinned Image
via Jo Kautt on Pinterest

If and when I ever have my own kids, I SO want to make them a penguin costume like the one in the above photo! So stinkin’ CUTE! 🙂

Source: http://www.shopruche.com via Jo Kautt on Pinterest

I love the color and style of these earrings– makes me wish I had pierced ears. x)

B-day Surprises, Trip to the Park and Photography Experiment

February 8 – Okay, so I kinda thought that my birthday celebrations were all over. No big deal. But…. this morning I was washing the dishes, and Jaden scurried inside and produced a LARGE package for me! I quickly wiped my hands on a towel, and started to open the package (it was from my best friend, Kathleen), but Jaden stopped me. “Let me go get everyone else to witness you opening it.” I laughingly agreed but “begged” to at least read the card. Soon, Jaden was back inside with his whole entourage of siblings (who had been working on cutting down our tree, btw).

Reading the note Kathleen put with the gifts. 🙂
One of the gifts. I LOVE the bow she used for this one! 🙂
The presents. I have already read the book (yeah, I know…), and I can hardly wait to wear the darling necklace and bracelet. A friend is getting married soon, so maybe then… 🙂

February 12 – Spring’s here already?? Hmm…

Daffodils in our neighbors’ yard. You might be wondering why on earth these silly plants are blooming already– well, it’s Texas, that’s why! 😀
Faces to the sun, smiling all the while…
Boy, I am SO thankful that God created flowers and wildlife in general. They add a splash of color to life. 🙂

February 15 – Yet another birthday surprise came in the mail. It was from my dear friend, Rebekah. 🙂

This darling necklace– such a sweet gift. 🙂
Rebekah made this card to go along with it. Isn’t she super talented? I think she made the necklace too. 🙂

February 17 – My brother, Caleb, was down here for the day (we had Bible study and fellowship as a family). So, after lunch, all of my siblings (except Joel) and I went to a nearby park.

On our way…
Skipping rocks
Jaden tries a hand a skipping rocks
Here I am, holding an un-opened clam that I found
More rock skipping. It’s quite good fun, actually!
Time for siblings portraits 😉 Yes, I subjected my siblings to a torturous venture. haha, just kidding.
“Hey everyone, let’s act crazy so Jo will pull her hair out!” 😀 😛 Apparently Phoebe didn’t get that memo. 😉
I think this is one of my favorites of the four of them. 🙂
Jaden decided he would hang onto a branch of a tree, instead of lean against the other tree. Hey, it makes for an interesting photo, huh. 😉
Band members, haha. Don’t ask me why we look so serious (or are those grumpy faces?? :D)!
Another crazily posed photo. 😀
Not sure what these are called (any of you know?), but as a child I loved picking them and making “bouquets” out of them. And I was appalled when Mom said that most people them of them as weeds (I thought of them as dainty flowers). 😀

February 21 (today) – I thought I’d try out a photography “trick” I had seen before.

A book in the sunlight, with a ring between the pages casts a shadow in the shape of a heart. How cool is that? 🙂
I suppose this is a late Valentine’s Day themed photo. 😉
I took the photo with my Bible as the book– turned to Ephesians 5, where it talks about how a husband and wife’s relationship should be modeled after Christ’s relationship with the Church.