Happy Birthday, Caleb!

Today is the day my big bro, Caleb, turns 21! 🙂 Caleb is wise, witty, winsome, The Word-minded, whimsical. I still think of this guy as being the guy who would pinch/play with my nose when I was itty-bitty (he thought my nose was cute), wrinkle up his nose when he smiled, the guy who would spend countless hours playing LEGOs. But I also remember the times when he would help needy neighbors, help fix our vehicles when the broke-down, write letters back and forth with me, pray with me. And in a just a little less than a year, this guy is going to be a married man. 🙂

Caleb, it has been awesome to see you grow up and mature in the Lord, and to see you fall in love with Claudia. You will make an awesome husband, and hopefully an awesome dad someday too! Keep looking to Jesus– He is the Author and Finisher of our faith! I love you! =)

Your little sis,

– Joach 🙂

Caleb Portrait 12-02
Caleb, at age 10. Isn’t he adorable?! 😀 But then again, I am just *slightly* biased. hehe

Fun Fact: Some of Caleb’s nicknames are

  • – Cal
  • – Calvin
  • Clerbs or Clerb
  • Leber
  • Nathan (his middlename is Nathaniel)
  • Nate
  • Nat
  • Bub

Yeah, I know. My family comes up with some of the wackiest nicknames. Just wait until you hear some of the ones they call me. But that’ll have to be saved for another post. 😉


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