Who Would’ve Thought… {Outfit Post}

…That dark blue could look great with pink? Certainly not this gal right here! X) But, it happens that I’m wrong every once and a while. πŸ˜‰ And this was one of those times.

A friend recently gave some clothing to my sisters and me, and this top that I’m wearing in the outfit (the blue top, not the pink one under it) was one that she gave us. Anyway, it had a bunch of big, frilly flowers on it– I didn’t much care for them *on* the top (I’ll definitely use them in a craft project though), so I took those off, and there was this cute “rope” design under them. I left that on one side and took it off the other side. It was a quick, easy, and fun refashion project. I love this top now! πŸ˜€






{The Outfit}:

Headband: made by your-truly

Pink top: borrowed from a sister

Blue tunic: gift, modified by yours-truly

Jeans: thrifted

Belt: gift

Shoes: gift




Thanks to my younger brother for taking these photos! πŸ™‚


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