Farm Life

Gah!!! It’s been ages since I last posted. My apologies– I’ve been busy *living life*. 😉

While my sisters Abby and Phoebe were enjoying church camp a couple of weeks ago, I spent that time with friends on their dairy farm. And boy, did I have fun! 🙂

I got to hand-milk and machine milk multiple cows (a life-long dream of mine); help move cattle from one pasture to another, feed various animals (cats, chickens and sheep), help make meals and cheese and butter, etc.

The rustic barn yard


B. and I explored their woods, and she showcased this lovely spring, which is all mossy now, but they used to use it.


I just love ivy and moss! As long as the ivy isn’t poisonous. 😉 Speaking of such, I had a pretty bad case of poison ivy until basically the day before I left on this trip. Thank God, it healed up– after much prayer and herbal remediation. 


I wonder if this is a succulent of some kind. Sure looks like one!


We stumbled upon a lovely fallen tree


Another view of the feed barn 🙂


Their older daughter has quite the lovely garden. She hand-crafted these arches, and trained several rose bushes to climb them. 🙂 


There were so many pretty wildflowers, and this was the middle of summer. I can’t imagine how splendid it must be in spring during the height of their blooming! 


Sweet L. (their youngest) naps. 🙂 I couldn’t resist sneaking this photo. 😉


With Mrs. W., B. and T. — sweet kindred spirits!
Of course, I had fun getting to know my friends better too. I’d only seen them twice before in person, but we’ve interacted a lot via snail mail and phone since I met them 7 years ago. And I quickly learned that they aren’t as sweet and innocent as they look. They are majorly mischievous deep down! I got teased a great deal but I liked that because it made me feel at home! 🙂 Besides, I tease a great deal myself. 😉 
T. and the W.’s friend, C. and I take a walk around their property


This is one thing we saw. 😉


T. had so many cheery flowers sprouting in her garden. I was very much inspired by her creativity in her garden work!


The local river


I sat for probably twenty minutes trying to capture this image of the energetic hummingbird. 🙂 It just wouldn’t stay still long enough! X)

I wish I would’ve taken more photos while there (and most of the photos I did take weren’t of people– most of their family members are camera-shy), but I was very busy actually doing stuff. 🙂 Which is fun! Memories and experiences are far better than photos. And yes, a sentimental photographer just said such a thing. 😉

By the end of my time there, I had fallen in love with their family and with their farm. But I was also ready to head home and be with my family…