…Hannah K., my new fellow blogger. 🙂

I “met” Hannah via a Facebook encouragement group for Christian young ladies about a year ago. Ever since, we’ve been swapping fashion ideas (like, EVERY day!), showing off cute baby friends, praying for each other, sharing jokes, etc. Hannah is incredibly quick-witted and laughs at all my jokes. 😉 Well, basically all. And I in turn help her plan outfits. 🙂 It’s an enjoyable swap. But although she claims she isn’t creative, don’t let her fool you– she plays violin and piano and loves to write. Not to mention, she has great style tastes. 😉 Oh, and did I say she is a fellow Lord of the Rings fan?! XD And she’s totally adorable? Well, it’s all very true!!

So, welcome to my blogging world, Hannah! 🙂 ❤