On Being A Graduate

December 1st brought my official graduation from highschool. And 10 days later, I celebrated that occasion with a few close friends and family members.

Y’all, I’m SO relieved to be DONE! But now, I feel a little lost. Despite that (and being maybe a *tad* bit scared, ha!), my curious nature is dying to know what God has next for me. We’ll have to wait and see, I guess. 😉

Also, my senior portraits are up on the web! 🙂

Fun Jennifer, from my college Bible study group. She always inspires me to be more creative and not despair in my learning.
Chris, another friend from my college Bible study group
Mr. A. (or “uncle” Larry– he’s honorary family) has made a HUGE positive impact on my life the past decade. We’ve been through a lot together and he’s always an encouragement! Next to my dad, grandpa and brothers, he’s the man I admire the most.
Darling Jessica, yes– another friend from my college Bible study group. 😉 Hey, what can I say? College-aged peeps make AWESOME friends! XD
What would I do without family? They have rebuked me, spurred me on to greater things, and supported me as I trudged my way through the trenches of highschool. They have made many sacrifices so I could have the opportunity to be home-educated.
A little interlude— my niece Haylie. Because who doesn’t want to look at photos of the most adorable little girl EVER?!
Food, fellowship and FUN! I love these people so!
Cristin, NOT from my college Bible study group. 😉 haha I met her at my previous church and we’ve stuck together! She’s a very faithful friend!



I also met Mady at my previous church. Boy, is she a great mix between sarcastic and sweet!

An Old Post I Never Published– My Bad

Abby’s surprise birthday party— like TWO STINKIN’ YEARS ago!!! haha. Oops.

// A lot has changed since– Abby’s lopped off her golden locks, and I have emblazoned mine (yep– I’m a “ginger” now). Oh yeah, Phoebe also decided to go shorter with her curls. Never fear, I have NO intention of cutting mine.//

// I’m sure you’re bored with me droning on about our hair make-overs. I can’t help it. It’s just the natural fashionista in me. By the way– other things have changed since the post– a niece was born, I graduated highschool (a post on that later), illnesses, job transitions, a sis-in-law-to-be added to the family (unintentional rhyme there– guess I’m a natural poet too!), new church, etc. Anyway.//

// Enjoy the photos, now that you’ve scrolled past my commentary. ;P You know you did it, and now you’re smiling guiltily. Gotcha! It’s ok– you only missed out on my incredible sense of humor, which by the way, is grossly unappreciated by most. //

IMG_6064 IMG_6068 IMG_6070

Wow! Abby looks soooo youthful here! And Amy (the *natural* ginger) is now married and in a state far away.
Look a-like chefs
Ok, can we just talk about this guy for a sec? We can? Alright, thanks! He’s grown probably over a foot since this photo. Ca-raaaazzzzy!

IMG_6099 IMG_6103 IMG_6108

Sweet Caroline– who is getting married next month, actually.


Caroline’s sister, Allison, has since changed her name– and resides DEEP in the heart of Texas. Sadly, I don’t think I’ve seen her since this party, except maybe once. 😦

IMG_6142 IMG_6143

Allison (not Caroline’s-sister-Allison), behind the camera, is now married and has a little son.



Yes– we’re crazy and race many of our guests as they drive away. You’ll have to ask me for the back-story on that sometime, but for now– cheerio!