Family Portraits

I am sorry for being AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave) so much lately— I have not been feeling very well for several weeks and have had to miss out on a lot of things, including blogging.

About a week ago, we took family photos. I thought I would share my favorites. 🙂

IMG_5773.JPG 2
I have cool “ninja” brothers. 😉
IMG_5640.JPG 2
Me[ebster] 😉
IMG_5707.JPG 2
Aw… dey be so cUtez!
IMG_5719.JPG 2
Jaden-bug 🙂
IMG_5659.JPG 2
Abbit. 🙂
IMG_5748.JPG 2
Joelito. 🙂
IMG_5829.JPG 2
The four Kautt sisters. 🙂
IMG_5834.JPG 2
The entire Kautt Krew
IMG_5843.JPG 2
Silly time! 🙂
IMG_5863.JPG 2
What cuties! 🙂

  IMG_5841.JPG 2 IMG_5849.JPG 2 IMG_5853.JPG 2