Autumn Polka Dots {eShakti Product Review}


eShakti ( recently contacted me, and asked me to do another product review (I did one back in February of this year). Of course, I gave my delighted agreement, and the dress arrived at my door within two weeks. Once again, I was very pleased with the custom sizing options— the dress fits me perfectly. 🙂 I also like how this company has a large selection of modest dresses, which you can customize to your standards. One of the pluses about this particular dress is the fact that the waist tie is removable, so I can wear it either as a waist tie/belt or as a headband. 🙂

eShakti offers sizes 0-36W, a whole host of customizing options–stuff like pockets or no, varying dress lengths, sleeve lengths/types, etc.

A big “thank you” to eShakti for honoring me by requesting this product review!! 🙂 Go check them out: 🙂


I loved how this scarf, that I already owned, went perfectly with my lovely polka-dotted dress! 🙂 This will be a new autumn outfit fave!



Some other options to pair with the dress— a brown shrug and I also used the belt as a headband. 🙂


All photos: courtesy of Abby Kautt


eShakti Dress Review

Back in July of last year, I won a dress from eShakti. I have loved wearing it and I even wore it to a friend’s wedding! About a week ago, eShakti contacted me and asked me to do a product review from their Spring Line of clothing. I was shocked but pleased and I said that I would be delighted to do so. 🙂 I was also super excited to look through their dresses to find the perfect dress. I found that they have awesome and helpful customization options for $7.50 (added on to the pre-existing cost of the clothing item). eShakti also offers sizes 0-36W, and the option to remove or include embroidery, embellishments, and or pockets on their apparel. eShakti has recently come out with a line of bridesmaid dresses as well.

Over all, I was greatly pleased with their customer service– they were very helpful and answered any questions I had. I was also pleasantly surprised at how quickly they shipped the dress (4 days after my placing the order) and how quickly it arrived here (in a matter of 2 days).

I thought I’d make this outfit even more fun by making it 1940s/1950s style. I added my pearl necklace and bracelet (from my bestfriend), wore my “wedge” sandals, put my hair up in a retro hair style, and (being even more authentic) put beet juice on my lips to tint them. You know, back in WWII, ladies (because of rationing) couldn’t really buy much make-up, so they used beets for lip tint. It works!




Not the greatest photo, but it’ll have to do. Perhaps I’ll do a video or picture tutorial on how I did it. We’ll see. 😉
I just love the ruching on the back of the bodice! It gives a slimming look to the waistline, and it looks so feminine too. 🙂

I must admit, I had a hard time choosing my dress. After all, there were so many delightfully lovely and modest dresses to choose from! I had several favorites, but I ended up choosing the Lauren Dress.  I honestly couldn’t ask for a better fitting dress then the one they sent me. It’s so comfy!! 🙂 I also chose the custom options of cap sleeves and a mid calf length skirt on it. The dress is in one of my favorite colors, and it will be perfect for spring especially! 🙂

eShakti is offering free customization until February 28th. And if you have never purchased from them before, register and they will give you $25 off your first purchase! Hurry on over and purchase a dress for yourself! You won’t be disappointed! =)


All photo courtesy of my sister Abby

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review.